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Andreia Frazão
Professional Translator since 2020

“Put all you are into the smallest thing you do.” Fernando Pessoa

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English < > Portuguese   Spanish > Portuguese

Attendance of the Psychology undergraduate degree (3rd year) – ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon
Introduction to Humanitarian Translation Certificate – TWB
Senior Translator Certificate – TWB

I have always had a passion for languages. For years, I would translate texts whenever I had the chance, either for fun or for friends who struggled with foreign languages. Eventually, I recognized in me the signs of a calling and started working as a full-time freelance translator. I have one years’ experience working as a linguist in fields such as psychology, literature, social science, education, general communication, medical and health, and the humanitarian sectors. I have worked on several translation, revising, proofreading, transcription, subtitling, and captioning projects. I also collaborate on a regular basis with organizations such as Translators without Borders (TWB), COVID-19 Infographics and TED.

After having consistently delivered high-quality translations from English into Portuguese, I was invited by Translators without Borders to become a Senior Quality Reviewer in this language pair, thus becoming part of the organization’s vetting system. Similarly, once the TED Translators Mentoring Program was expanded to the Portuguese language community, I was invited to become a TED mentor, in order to help other linguists develop their subtitling skills.

For me, being a translator is a way of life. My working hours are often preceded and followed by a walk that gives me an energy boost and improves my concentration during the day. This habit also helps me keep my stress levels low and sleep well. After work, I often keep honing my language skills, by reading, especially literature, in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. One of my professional goals is to become fluent in German and French in the upcoming years, and I am currently working towards this.

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“… the more I knew about COVID-19, the more I realized it was not just a worldwide health crisis – it was a worldwide information crisis. And TWB presented me with