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Andreia Silva
Professional Translator since 2018

“Words travel worlds. Translators do the driving.” Anna Rusconi

This quote really inspires me as it shows the great power of translators and the role we play in society.

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English/Spanish/French/German > Portuguese

Subtitling Course – 2021
BA in Translation Studies, NOVA University of Lisbon – 2018

I consider myself as a world citizen and my two biggest passions are translation and traveling.

I’ve lived in England (Newcastle and Saint Albans) where I had my first professional work experience in sales. I also lived and worked as an au pair in France and travelled to several countries. All of which was a very enriching experience.

In 2018 I came back to Portugal to finish my Translation degree and I started working at a lawyer’s firm as a legal translator and administrative assistant.

In October 2019 I started working at BNP Paribas and I stayed there for two years. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled doing something that was not related to translation so I decided to change course. By then, I had already started to work with three translation agencies: Stillman Translations, Lionbridge and Translation Back Office. My work to date has covered a variety of topics and sectors.

I am now en route to become a full time freelancer, as this is my true passion and I’m sure that when we do things we passion, we can only succeed!