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Discover the talented people who are collaborating with us to help build a great place offering marketing help for micro entrepreneurs and new enterprise around the world.

Ned Hoste - partners of Micro Oiseau publishing project
Ned Hoste FRSAGraphics, Web Design and Publishing
Ned is co-founder and director of The Big Ideas Collective and is developing this website in partnership with Micro Oiseau. Ned is very experienced in print and online publishing and lives and works in Devon on the UK’s sunny south coast. Also an illustrator, Ned created the many little birds you’ll find around the site. He loves walks with his dog, Pip, and very large cups of tea.
The Big Ideas Collective
Thomas Frere | Micro Oiseau Voice Artist
Thomas FrereActor, Trainer and Voice Artist
Thomas is a UK based, professional actor and voice artist. Regularly performing on stage and screen, he is recording the English versions of our free marketing guides in his York studio.

From James and the Giant Peach to Jesus, Thomas was also the original Richard Hannay in the first stage adaptation of ‘The 39 Steps’, now touring globally. Thomas also trains a wide variety of professionals in communication skills. Often found on his allotment attempting to grow vegetables, Thomas also has an unusual sideline in designing and creating labyrinths for indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Big Ideas Collective

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