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Hello and welcome! We are delighted you have found us. We’re here to help people from all walks of life learn new skills and launch new enterprises.

Our easy-to-read entrepreneur brand and marketing guides are where we begin and will help answer your questions, guide and inspire you.

Lasting success is not luck. It’s opportunity, hard work and taking good advice.

Starting a business is a great adventure, it can also be challenging, confusing and sometimes stressful…  But, with good advice and hard work, being a micro entrepreneur and your own boss can also be really rewarding.


Micro Oiseau is bringing together talented people, good advice and a range of resources to help you begin and build your business.

We want you to show off too and be part of our social networks to talk about what you do and learn from each other. Even if you have been in business for some time, there is always something new to learn.

Micro Oiseau is a collaborative European web, translation and publishing project founded by award-winning marketing writer Jacky Fitt FRSA, author of ‘How to Get Inside Someone’s Mind and Stay There’. We are the sociable weavers, find out more about us.

In partnership with The Big Ideas Collective.

Little guides for big results

You’ll find our free Micro Oiseau Marketing Guides here soon, including:

#1 Be noticed: how to create a great brand

#2 Be valued: how to set the right price and sell

#3 Be seen: how to develop your website

#4 Be heard: how to develop your social media

#5 Be persuasive: how to write well

#6 Be useful: how to collaborate

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