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    It's International Translation Day - celebrating global understanding and people working hard to ensure we 'get it' in all sorts of different #languages. THANK YOU, especially the Micro Oiseau team. Free #marketing guides for #startups. #xl8 https://t.co/WPi0PnktC9 https://t.co/75sczpwVK62 hours ago
    Happy birthday mum ❤️ https://t.co/6XOjh8TzkA https://t.co/9vxwEWc65G3 hours ago
    York? Well I guess the pretty ones attract attention too… sighs… https://t.co/CSHBtHUawg3 days ago
    Britain today https://t.co/J3o98f5F8M3 days ago
    Real motivation is having a business partner who cares more about your mental health than the bottom line. #business #care #mentalhealth #success #motivation #human #love https://t.co/VMi7IXOmch4 days ago
    Stone cold favourite! https://t.co/q6BUNkBnA54 days ago
    Husband and daughter now have Covid… feeling nervous… thoughts and prayers 🫣😣 https://t.co/Fbmx7zXrVu6 days ago
    Missed everyday x https://t.co/9Wg0aiFe5F6 days ago
    Afternoon. #Friday in #York. https://t.co/cOOkZHHrle7 days ago

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