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Sara Rodrigues de Oliveira
Professional Translator since 2021

“Language can’t separate us.” Geri Augusto

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English > Portuguese (Brazilian)

Masters in Translation (Cultural and Intersemiotic Translation)
BA in Language and Literature, University Federal Bahia

Previously a research and translator assistant at the University Federal of Bahia, I am currently completing my Masters and beginning my professional translation career with experience in literary and theory translation, as well academic translation (thesis and dissertation abstracts).

Currently, I am working for the Motaword agency as well as being a volunteer for the NGO Translators Without Borders working on human rights texts.  During my BA studies I also took on an internship as a proofreader.

My goal is to forge a career as a stand-out professional translator. I have a passion for literary and also video game translation. Currently, I am doing courses to improve my abilities in both these areas. I am always studying and my passion for language leads me to spend a lot of time researching languages and translation. All of which, I believe, are basic requirements for a good translator.

Further to my academic and professional work I also work as an English and Portuguese teacher.

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