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#1 Be Noticed: how to build a great brand

As individuals we all have our own personal ‘brand’, our personality if you like, made up of:

How we appear and what we wear.
How we talk and what we say.
How we treat ourselves, other people and the things around us.

Our image, communication and behaviour affect our ability to influence others and it is the same for a business. It does not matter if that business has one, 10, or 10,000 employees, a brand is not simply a logo, a brand is everything about that business. Brand matters because it persuades people to buy.

It’s also a comforting thought that, along with micro entrepreneurs, the executives at Amazon, Chanel or Renault are also thinking …

Do we look good?

Do we sound good?

Do people understand what we are offering?

Are we attracting new customers and keeping loyal ones?

As a micro entrepreneur, you may be thinking, “I’ve already got a great personality and, I AM my business, so I am my brand. This is easy!” But there is one important difference between our personal brand and our business brand, and that is our customer.

Our customers are the people who are prepared to give us their money and trust in exchange for what we are offering.

For this reason, what our customers need and prefer is more important than what we prefer or think they should accept.

Our brand represents all aspects of our business, so we must listen to our potential customers for that brand to engage them. And not just listen, but also ask questions to ensure what we are offering is really what they want. When it is, not only will they buy, but they will return and tell their friends.

To begin thinking about our business brand the most important question to keep asking ourselves is ‘WHY?’: “Why am I setting up a business?” and “Why should customers choose me?”

The most successful businesses tap into the ‘sweet spot’.

The sweet spot is a meeting of minds between a business and their customers an alignment of image and perception; communication and understanding; behaviour and response.

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This sweet spot is no happy accident. It is found through:

  1. Clearly understanding WHY we do what we do, WHAT exactly we offer, HOW we deliver it and the VALUES that underpin everything.
    And then:
  2. Clearly communicating that information to people who want what we offer, are attracted to our values and can, therefore, easily understand how we can solve their problems or make their lives easier, more fun, more beautiful or more productive.

To define your business values, we come back to WHY you are in business in the first place. Remember, being good at something is great, but not caring how you do it, or deliver it, will make attracting and keeping customers very hard. For example, if you make beautiful chairs, but you use illegally traded, unsustainable rainforest hardwoods, that is not going to attract people, quite the opposite.

WHY we do what we do may include one or all of the following:

  • Expertise
  • Passion
  • Quality and craftsmanship
  • Honesty and care
  • Difference
  • Belief
  • Sustainability