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Francesco Caligiuri
Professional Translator since 2019

“Our true nationality is our humanity”

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Find out about Francesco Caligiuri and his work as a translator

English > Italian

Master’s Degree in Psychology, University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’

I studied psychology and have always been an avid gamer and lover of English language. So in 2019 I switched to pursuing a career in translation.

Today, I work with a number of clients, translating scientific and games related content and literary translations. I also translate subtitles for the entertainment industry, including TV shows and movies, etc.

  • For video games, I have translated action-adventure, roll-player games, or RPGs, and puzzle games, for both console and mobile. 
  • For  scientific content, I have worked on translating neuroscientific papers and lectures with technical and highly specific requirements and need for great accuracy.
  • In the literary translation field, I have translated horror novels and short stories (it’s my favourite genre) from a variety of independent authors, which allow me a more creative outlet for my translation.

Companies worked for include: Terra Localizations, Testronic, SWAG MASHA, MoGi Group, Loki Games

Outside work I’m an avid reader and gamer (as you might imagine!). I play guitar and bass guitar, and love my music. I also love to spend time with people I care about the most.

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