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SOUND Advice

“… reasoning or evidence that is reliable and sensible.”

If you prefer to listen rather than read, then we have just the thing for you!

Enjoy our free marketing audio guides. Great marketing advice for micro entrepreneurs, delivered straight to your ears.

#1 Be Noticed: how to build a great brand

Get your business off to a great start and discover how to stand out from the crowd. We look what ‘brand’ really is and how to create a great impression from the word go!

Micro Oiseau Marketing Audio Guides for micro entrepreneurs

#2 Be Valued: how to set the right price and sell

When it comes to price, ultimately, it is our customers that decide what they will pay… and, often, this can be far more than we think. What’s going on?!

#3 Be Seen: how to develop your marketing plan

A business without marketing is a hobby and hobbies don’t pay the rent. Discover how to put together a plan to reach your business goals.

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